The Raised Garden Beds project is a Club community service project in conjunction with Bayside City Council aimed at constructing raised garden beds at the homes of suitable candidates who might otherwise be prevented from gardening owing to infirmity and/or disability.


The project also aims to provide a means whereby the socially isolated are provided with a gardening hobby and, for persons who might be nutritionally deficient, it provides a low cost means of cultivating vegetables. The use of the beds is at the discretion of the candidate and so can be used for flowers, vegetables or herbs.

The Council takes on the role of candidate assessment i.e. determining, from their existing body of clients, appropriate persons for the construction of garden beds at their home. The Council applies a number of criteria in making the assessment. The Council is the final arbiter as to suitable candidates.

Rotary provides the wooden pallets from which the garden beds are constructed together with soil, plastic sheet lining, other consumables and the labour required to construct and finish the beds at the candidate’s home. Pallet kits are prepared at Rotary’s storage facility and the wood painted before loading a trailer for the delivery and construction at the client’s home.