Bayside Police Get On Their Bikes

Police bicycle patrols provide greater visibility and engagement with the  community.

Those Bikes were provided by Sandringham Rotary Club.

Learning to drive

How does a learner get 120 hours if they don’t have access to a car or supervising driver? The state-wide L2P program can help but has too few cars.

Together with Bendigo bank, we donated one. Read more

Ending polio

A world without polio is within reach. Rotary has contributed more than 1.2  billion dollars (we had to sell a lot of sausages) and seen the number of cases fall from 350,000 in 1988 to 222 in 2013. Read more

Water for an Indian slum

Imagine a town bigger than Sandringham with no fresh water or toilets.

Moradabad is that town, and thanks to us, now has fresh water and toilets. Nowhere near enough but it is a start. Read more