Your donations, the causes we support

It’s not an easy decision. Deciding which causes to support and why?

For some causes, we roll up our sleeves and help. For others, we pass on your, and our donations.

Here are some of the recently supported causes, along with some we’ve supported for a while.

Creating Social Connection; Local and Global

We’re creating social connection opportunities – to tackle social exclusion and social isolation. This means we support organisations that create social connection for homeless individuals; provide sporting and recreational activities for disadvantaged children; and build communities of support for those with family members with disabilities or impairments.

St Kilda PCYC

You’ll find the kids from St Kilda PCYC in the boxing ring, the cooking school and even hiking to Wineglass Bay. St Kilda PCYC is an amazing organisation that provides recreation, sporting and learning activities for teenagers from disadvantaged parts of our local community.

TeamSports 4All

Not every parent can buy their child the latest football shirt. Team Sports 4 All is a local organisation that provides for all children, regardless of their background to have access to community sports.

Impact for Women

Impact provides help for women and children escaping abuse at home. It’s a fine example of practical, grassroots and common-sense programs in action.

For Change Co

It’s more than a social enterprise café with delicious crêpe. For Change Co is creating youth employment and tackling youth homelessness.

Orange Sky

Orange Sky Australia is a free mobile laundry and shower service for people experiencing homelessness. It creates connections for people experiencing homelessness – through conversation. Orange Sky brightens people’s days, which is why some of your donations find their way to Orange Sky.

Prader-Willi Foundation

Prader-Willi Syndrome is a genetic condition. There’s no cure for it. But there’s research being funded through the Prader-Willi Foundation. We provide practical support for the Prader-Willi Foundation Finding 15 fundraising event.


BayCISS provides emergency relief across Bayside and Kingston, helping people less fortunate than ourselves. As part of our work with BayCISS, you’ll find us volunteering outside your local Sandringham supermarket – receiving your generous donations of groceries.

Rotary Clubs across the World

The Chernihiv Region of Ukraine is a long way from Bayside. It’s where you’ll find the war damaged Sokoliatko kindergarten and 35 children attending lessons despite the conflict. Working with Rotary Clubs from Sweden, Italy, USA and Ukraine, we’ve helped fix the school’s windows, replace their boiler – and show them people care.

Gender Equality and Schooling For All

We’re focussed on gender equality. In a practical sense, this means we’re keen to see that no child loses out on schooling.

BeyondWater Global

Not all young women in the world have access to sanitation products. The Girl Project is a unique program created by the Australian charitable organisation BeyondWater Global. They’re helping young women in Kibera, Nairobi follow uninterrupted schooling.

Tonga Hearing Project

It’s part of our drive to ensure no child has wasted or lost school days. We joined with other local Rotary Clubs to provide hearing tests for children in Tonga.

Building Life Skills

When it comes to causes that we’ve always supported – building life skills is high on the list. It’s why we support the Bayside Youth Awards, the BaySpeak competition and the National Youth Science Forum. Club Members dedicate a lot of time to ensure the success of these initiatives. And there’s more.

Beaumaris North Primary School

Parents of children at Beaumaris North Primary School know it as a progressive school where their children will be encouraged to ask challenging questions. We know it as a school that believes in the importance of partnership with the whole community. And as such we’re grateful they host our monthly farmers’ market on their recreational oval.

Story Dogs

It can be a challenge to make reading fun for some children. The Story Dog program has a magic formula to help children become confident lifelong readers. When a child reads to a friendly dog the outcomes are simply amazing!

Responding to Disasters and Crises

Natural disasters or humanitarian crises happen too frequently. We can’t respond to every crisis. We make considered choices. Recently, we contributed to the Victorian Flood Appeal helped with the rebuilding of the Sokoliatko kindergarten in Ukraine. And there are more.

ShelterBox Australia

From the outside it’s simply a big box. On the inside it contains emergency shelter and tools for families who’ve lost their home in a natural disaster or conflict. But ShelterBox is more than instant shelter – with our support, it’s a message of hope that says, ‘you’re not forgotten’.

Dreketi School Project

In 2016 Cyclone Winston devastated parts of Fiji. And a resultant landslide tipped the small Dreketi Village school on its head! Numerous Rotary Clubs helped fund the rebuild of the school.

Victorian Flood Relief

It was one of the most devastating flood events in Victoria’s history. Heavy rains and storms in October 2022 resulted in overflowing rivers and mass evacuations across many parts of Victoria. We provided funds to support those communities in flooded regions.

Fight Against Desease

Rotary Foundation is Rotary’s in-house charity that contributes to causes all over the World. Through Rotary’s Foundation we contribute to the fight against disease.

Polio Eradication

It’s a global effort that started with child vaccinations in the Philippines in 1979. Today, there are only two countries where polio remains endemic. Rotary has played a significant role in protecting children from this paralysing condition.

There are lots of local bodies, groups and individuals doing amazing things to improve our local environment. You’ll often see them at the New Beaumaris Farmers’ Market promoting and sharing details of their activities. It’s where you’ll find our Mug Library initiative – from little things, big things grow!

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