Christmas Gift Appeal

We are working with BayCISS to collect Christmas gifts for children that might go without this year. We will come to your house to collect your gift.

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Who are we?

We help people in the local community through to assisting in global projects.

You may have noticed in the news recently about the eradication of wild polio in Africa, well that is our biggest project and we were a major player in that success.

Rotary is particularly good at moving fast in times of disaster and because we have clubs almost everywhere is a natural first responder. Examples would be this year’s bush fires or providing food during the current crisis to those less fortunate.

We are still meeting – Join us

We may not be meeting face to face at the moment, but our vibrant club is meeting online every second Tuesday evening at 7:30pm.

We’d love to see you. PJ’s permitted!

We have a great programme of speakers and some fabulous community projects on the go.We are a fun, welcoming club.
What’s the worst than can happen?!

For more info email us or call on 03 9545 4757

Do I need special skills?

Individually we are regular people but with over a million Rotarians when we come together we can do some really big things like the End Polio programme.

What sort of people join Rotary?

We have people from all walks of life and from their thirties through to their seventies. People who have:

  • Moved into the area and want to make friends
  • Retired and want to become a more active part of the community
  • Kids have left school and want to become a more active part of the community
  • Work at home and want to meet more people
  • Chosen to help others

What would I be doing?

Our activities range from selling sausages to raise money, through to going to India to assist in a national immunisation day.

We organise youth activities, help local schools and give money to worthy causes.

During the current crisis we are helping BayCISS provide food to the less fortunate through organising food donations and deliveries.

Do I need to be a business owner or manager?

Absolutely not, just vaguely sensible although with some of our members even that is in doubt.

How often does the club meet?

Normally (remember that) we ‘d meet once a week in the Sandringham Hotel but you don’t have to come to every meeting.

The meeting takes place over dinner and most weeks we will have a speaker.

We are currently meeting every other week via Zoom. You are welcome to join us.

Our schedule

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Are there any funny handshakes?

There are no funny handshakes or rolling up trouser legs (but if that is your thing we are pretty open minded).

Do I need to live in Sandringham?

Described by some as the new Eden (normally after being at the bar too long), Sandringham is great but you don’t have to live here. In fact our members come from all over the Bayside area.

How do I find out more?

Have a chat to our President, John.

Don’t be put off by the title, we have to call him something and President is better than the other names we might call him.

John is on 03 9545 4757

Rotary International

Globally we are a worldwide organization that provides humanitarian service, encourages high ethical standards, and helps build goodwill and peace in the world. Approximately 1.2 million Rotarians belong to more than 32,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas.

In our addition to our local community projects, the Rotary Foundation is one of the world’s largest charities with projects including global polio eradication and disaster relief.

This all sounds very grand, but Rotary’s component parts, its people, are just ordinary folk who get together to have fun and, in the process make a difference, sometimes on a very large scale.

Find out more about Rotary International.

Global President

We are very proud that in 2017/2018, one of Sandringham’s members, the ever affable Ian Riseley, was the President of Rotary International.

With 1.2 million Rotarians this is a really big thing for Australia and absolutely amazing for us in Bayside.

Global Projects

When 1.2 million Rotarians come together we can do some amazing things. Watch the video on polio eradication.